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Boat Cables

Our Miscellaneous department covers a multitude of products, ranging from safety wire, cable ties, various configurations of ring and spade terminals, wire nuts, butt connectors, split loom, spiral wrap, TFE tubing, shrink tubing and others.

Boat Cable - Tinned copper Flat Marine Cable - Manufactured to meet UL requirements to boat/marine cable. 105ºC dry, 75ºC wet. 600 Volts. Also meets DOT Coast Guard Specs for "Boat and Associated Equipment"

Stranded tinned copper inner conductors Color codes: 2 conductor - Black and White- 3 conductors – Black, White and Green. Both with White outer jacket.
Boat Cable

Braid-Tinned Copper Cables

Stranded tinned copper, flat or tubular. Sizes 1/8" thru 1" stocked. Manufactured to QQ-B-575. Other sizes available.
Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties - Natural (White) or Black stocked - from 4" to 24" Tensile strength 18 lbs. To 120 lbs.. - other sizes and colors available by special order.
Coax Cable

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cable is available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and shield configurations. Available are broadcast & computer, CATV-MATV, direct burial, plenum, twinaxial, triaxial and plenum, to name just a few.

Please specify RG type and whether high braid, commercial, MIL-C-17, economy or burial is required.

Computer Cable

All types available. Specify gauge size, number of conductors, shielded or non-shielded and type of jacket insulation. Available as stranded or solid, tinned copper or bare copper
Duplex Primary Wire

Duplex and Flat Bonded Trailer Cables

Multi Conductore Wire

Multi-Conductor Cables

Multi-Conductor Cables are available in many different configurations. Generally thought of as PVC jacketed (but not limited to) and from 14 AWG thru 28 AWG and having from 2 to 100 conductors (or Pairs). Cables can be non-shielded, overall foil shield, overall braid shield, overall foil and braid shield, and, in the case of pairs, individually shielded pairs. We offer a wide range of brand names, such as, but not limited to, Alpha, Belden, Carol, Manhattan and generic manufacturers. Cables are available with stranded or solid, bare copper or tinned copper inners and non-shielded or shielded.
Note: Composite Cables and Custom Cables available upon request in any configuration including shielded, non-shielded, and various jacket ...
Power Cords

Power Cords


Ribbon Cable

Flat, round or round to flat available. Available as shielded and non-shielded in Gray or rainbow PVC jacket. Sizes 24 thru 28 AWG stocked. Usually 10 to 64 conductor (specify). FEP jacket also available.

SIS Cable

Switchboard wire - 90ºC, 600V, 18 AWG thru 2 AWG Single conductor - also available with VW-1 rating


A flexible stranded nickel coated copper conductor wire with PTFE TFE tapes covered by wrapped fiberglass yarns. High-temp 600V 250º MG (mica Glass). A Fiberglass braid jacket is applied over the insulation and is treated with a Hi-temp saturant. Used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial, and household ovens, cooking and drying equipment. Suited for severe hot spot locations in industrial processing.

Tray Cables

Power, control, signal and lighting circuits. For use in cable trays, in raceways, open air and direct burial applications. Wet or dry locations. 600 Volt stranded bare copper, color-coded PVC insulation with clear nylon jacket conductor, with or without fillers to form a compact core with black sunlight resistant 90ºC PVC jacket overall.

Available in all sizes and various numbers of conductors. Please call for specific part number.
Welding Cable

Welding Cables

Welding Cable - 6 AWG to 500 MCM. Bare copper conductor conforms to applicable sections of ASTM Specifications B-172. High flexibility through special stranding of #30 AWG wire. Paper separator. Jacket of specially compounded EPDM. Resistant to abrasion, chemicals, grease, heat, impact, oil, and weather. Flexible at -60ºF.

European color codes available upon request (Blue, Brown, & Green/Yellow)