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Convoluted Tubing

Convoluted Tubing

Convoluted split tubing - Stocked - Black polyethylene (regular) or Black nylon. Stocked sizes - Regular - from 1/4" thru 1", Nylon - from 1/4" thru 3/4". Other sizes available. Boxes or Gaylords.

Shrink Tubing (PVC, Polyolefin)

Black and white polyolefin 2-1 shrink ratio, 3/32 thru 1" spools. 4 ft sections stocked other sizes & colors by special order. Also available with adhesive lining (Dual Wall).

Kynar TFE and PVC Tubing

Kynar TFE and PVC tubing stocked. 3/16 thru 1/2" and 6 AWG thru 26 AWG. Other sizes available.