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Antenna Wires

22 thru 18 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-3, Insulation -inners - Premium grade PVC - Outer jacket Polyethylene Black. Applications: Rotor Antenna Controls, Outdoor installations, Direct Burial. Suggested Voltage rating 2000 Volts, Sunlight resistant, moisture and salt resistant.

22 thru 16 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-3. Insulation Inners - premium grade PVC - Outer Jacket PVC, Gray or Black. Applications: Compatible with Alliance Ham/CB, and TV rotors. Suggested Voltage Rating - 200 Volts.
GPT Primary Cable

Automotive Wires


Building Wires


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Buss Wire

Solid Tinned Copper Conductor- from 6 AWG thru 28 AWG

Machine Tool Wires

Machine Tool Wire is Type MTW UL Style 1015 B/C, AWM. CSA Type TEW, MTW

600 Volt 90ºC or MTW/1015 600 Volt 105ºC AWM. Stranded bare copper conductors, PVC Insulation.

Available in sizes ranging from 6 AWG thru 18 AWG. Custom striped wires can be ordered by specifying the wire color first then the color of the stripe.

Military Specification Wires

Military Spec Wire is available in a variety of specifications. Please see following headings for details.

Mil-W-16878/1 - Type B tinned copper conductor. Nominal wall thickness 0.010 inch, 105ºC, 600 Volt. PVC insulation. Standard colors.
TFE wire & Cable

TFE Wires

TFE Wire is insulated with extruded PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Along with its high reliability, this wire provides excellent solder-iron resistance, exceptional electrical and thermal stability, chemical resistance, and lower weights than comparable insulation types.

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UL Hookup Wires

Generally specified in the application of internal wiring of electrical and electronics equipment. Internal wiring of panels and meters. Point to point wire. Thermoplastic (PVC) insulation and XLP insulation. Stranded or solid bare or tinned copper conductors, depending upon UL type. Stranded colors stocked. Sizes 1/0 thru 28 AWG.

Zip Cord

Stranded bare/tinned copper conductors. 10 thru 24 AWG stocked. Usually 2 conductors. Also SPT1 and SPT2.