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Multi-Conductor Cables are available in many different configurations. Generally thought of as PVC jacketed (but not limited to) and from 14 AWG thru 28 AWG and having from 2 to 100 conductors (or Pairs). Cables can be non-shielded, overall foil shield, overall braid shield, overall foil and braid shield, and, in the case of pairs, individually shielded pairs. We offer a wide range of brand names, such as, but not limited to, Alpha, Belden, Carol, Manhattan and generic manufacturers. Cables are available with stranded or solid, bare copper or tinned copper inners and non-shielded or shielded.
Note: Composite Cables and Custom Cables available upon request in any configuration including shielded, non-shielded, and various jacket colors

Also stocked are Telephone cables, 22 AWG thru 26 AWG. We carry Flat silver satin line cord (gray or black jacketed) as well as round cable, in Cat 3, Cat 4, Cat 5, Cat 5E and Cat 6.

Non-shielded, multi-conductor cable, with Gray PVC Jacket. Please specify number of conductors and whether Bare Copper or Tinned Copper.

Item #



Cond. Strands

Jacket Color

Jacket Material

MLT-NONSH-14-19-00 Non-Shielded 14 AWG 19 Black PVC
MLT-NONSH-16-7-08 Non-Shielded 16 AWG 7 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-16-16-08 Non-Shielded 16 AWG 16 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-16-19-08 Non-Shielded 16 AWG 19 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-18-7-08 Non-Shielded 18 AWG 7 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-18-16-08 Non-Shielded 18 AWG 16 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-18-19-08 Non-Shielded 18 AWG 19 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-20-10-08 Non-Shielded 20 AWG 10 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-20-7-08 Non-Shielded 20 AWG 7 Gray PVC
MLT-NONSH-22-7-08 Non-Shielded 22 AWG 7 Gray PVC
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